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Since 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest and oldest providers of art supplies in the United States, with 73 retail stores nationwide. Its products cater to the full spectrum of artists — from the youngest child ready to scribble with his or her first crayon to well-known, gallery-represented professionals. The company’s extensive selection, competitive prices, and superior customer service make Blick the best choice for art educators, students, artists, architects, designers, hobbyists, or anyone requiring quality art materials for work or pleasure. A long-time advocate of art education in the U.S., Blick also provides support of scholastic, collegiate, and professional art shows, both financially and through a variety of materials that emphasize the benefits of art education. Blick also supports the communities in which it does business by sponsoring in-store events, local schools, art leagues, and community groups across the country. Visit for more information.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor Tubes

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Sennelier French Artists' Watercolor Tubes

Sennelier is pleased to introduce the newest evolution of its watercolor line.

Continuing its traditional color palette used by French Impressionist painters, Sennelier has now expanded the Sennelier Artists' Watercolor line to 98 colors to include more rich darks.

Additionally, Sennelier has increased the paint's honey content, lending it a smooth consistency and extraordinary luminosity. Honey helps the paint stay wet longer on the palette and makes it easier to reconstitute if it has already cured.

Although Sennelier still grinds each pigment and its medium on a granite surface to obtain extra-fine consistency, the entire Sennelier line has been updated to reflect 21st century advances in pigment composition, resulting in the lightfastness desired by today's painters.

Colors are available in two tube sizes — 10 ml (0.33 oz) and 21 ml (0.71 oz).
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