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The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is a non-profit association of manufacturers of art, craft and other creative materials. For over 70 years, ACMI has sponsored a certification program for children's art materials, certifying that these products are non-toxic and meet voluntary standards of quality and performance. In 1982, the program was expanded to include certification of a broad spectrum of art and craft materials, including adult products, ensuring that they are non-toxic or affixed with health warning labels where appropriate. Today, ACMI has over 200 members and has certified over 60,000 art material formulations.

This section of our website includes information about ACMI and what we do, information about ACMI's Board of Directors, Committees and Staff, information about ACMI's Toxicological Advisory Board, and a copy of the ACMI Bylaws. Please explore our entire site for more information about the safe use of art and craft materials. If you need more specific information about ingredients, or have other safety questions, please go to the Contact Us tab on our website and click on Ask A Question.